Fitness Kickboxing

A great workout, and fun way to burn those calories and relieve some stress. Designed for all levels. Both men and women training together, from beginner to advanced. Consists of a variety of warm ups, footwork drills, calisthenics, and a lot of heavy bag work with some pads mixed in. Punch, kick, and knee your way through and you will be overcome with a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction when finished after giving it your all. Fast paced, high intensity, group fitness class.


The Basics: These classes are where you will learn the foundations of striking and self defense. Practice and understand proper footwork, striking, and defensive techniques. Learn to put it all together so you can be prepared for any situation when the time comes, whether it be in competition or a self defense scenario in the real world. Proven and Practical techniques taught by professional fighters with years of experience in various styles of combative martial arts. These are usually our most popular classes.

Boot Camp

A solid and effective combination of workouts, including HIIT circuits, calisthenics, cardio machines, and weight training. Get away from the same old boring routines and treadmills of your average commercial gym. Challenge yourself and step out of your comfort zone to see real growth and progress. Battle Ropes, Ball Slams, Burpees, TRX, Airdyne bike, Ski Machine, Kettle Bells, Box Jumps, the list goes on and on. You will never get bored, and can always go at your own pace, or push the intensity as high as you want.

Pads Class

Intermediate level class. Work on your striking, coordination, and endurance by hitting pads (with a variety of practical combinations) for a set number of rounds with a partner. Must have a legitimate understanding of basic punching, kicking, and knees. Must also be comfortable holding pads, as it is a partner class. Newer members who wish to take the class but cant hold pads efficiently are more than welcome to join and practice their combinations on the heavy bags.

Competition Drilling

Advanced class. Drilling offensive and defensive techniques on a live body, as interactive as it gets without live sparring. Combining everything you learn to develop an effective style of fighting. "The art of hitting, without getting hit. " Must have a full and complete understanding of striking and defending, efficiently throwing and blocking punches and kicks. Learn to move, set up, find openings, attack, defend, and counter your opponents every move. Mandatory for those who are looking to compete.

Private and Small Group Lessons Available 6 days per Week Upon Request

One on One Instruction and/or Personal Training. Sessions are specifically catered to the individuals needs or goals. Half Hour and One Hour sessions, scheduled at least 24 hours in advance, for an additional cost.